About Paris, France

Paris is synonymous with all that is French. Known throughout  the  world  as  the  "City  of  Light," Paris is celebrated for its beautiful city plan, its architecture, museums, bridges, cathedrals, parks, shopping, flea markets, sidewalk cafés, wide and luxurious boulevards, elegant cuisine, and numerous monuments. Once confined to an island in the middle of the Seine River, the Ile de la Cité, Paris, founded more than 2,000 years ago, quickly spread to both banks of the river—the rive droit (right bank) and the rive gauche (left bank). The right bank is known for being the commercial heart of the city while the left bank is home to the University of Paris and all that is intellectual and artsy. Paris has always been known to have the aura of romance and mystery and has been the setting for many novels and movies.The most visited tourist destination in the world, with over 45 million visitors annually, it is very easy to arrive in Paris with huge expectations: of grand vistas, of budding writers in every cafe, of romance on the Seine and rude waiters. It is easy to see in Paris the city of love, or the city of lights. But it is also important to see in it the city that has seen 4 revolutions (to date), 18 kings named Louis and at least 2 occupying forces. Learn all about Paris with our helpful travel guide. and this is not even all there is to know about Paris. Outside of the well beaten path of the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame, there are 20 arrondissements to explore, each with their own character and version of Parisian life.


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